5 Hours in Temescal, Oakland


Choose your own adventure in the small and vibrant neighborhood of Temescal in Oakland, California. In 5 Hours, perfect for a layover at the Oakland airport, you can see quite a bit of this quirky stretch of local shops and tasty eateries. Oakland has so much to offer and Temescal is one of its finest neighborhoods.

Find the 5 hour itinerary and map in the Temescal Field Guide - a petit and printable (free!) guide for your next adventure. 


The A+R scouts have eaten at almost every restaurant on Telegraph avenue, we realize you won't be able to put back that much flavor in 5 hours but that doesnt mean you shouldn't try. Here are our top 4, but always remember, "good food and good eating are about risk" - A. Bourdain. 

Cholita LindaKnockout tacos and fresh juices. Inexpensive + the walls are pink. People of Oakland, you are spoiled.

Tara's Organic Ice Cream: Local, handcrafted, small batches, crazy flavors, smooth like velvet.

Pizzaiolo: If you can, go for their breakfast, but splitting a pizza works as an alternative.

Cro Cafe: They sell pepples donuts, that is all you need to know. Also the coffee is dope.


Arthur Mac's Tap & SnackPizza, wings, beer, and sunshine. kid friendly (with toys and sandbox included). Can't go wrong.

Subrosa MLKStylie, simple, and delicious. No-nonsense interior and design with all you need = coffee. 

Kingfish: Free popcorn, happy hour, dive bar. Its a classic loved by locals and includes covered back patio (and shuffle board!).

Temescal BreweryThe best designed beer garden and branding in the Bay Area. Pops of color and delicious beer makes for a great afternoon chill spot. 


Walk the alleys and side streets and you will find them overflowing with murals and unregulated art. There are too many hidden gems and secret corners to list so we will let you find them yourself. 


It's Your Move


Dandelion PostHand-selected items to fill your home and wardrobe. And there's a friendly shop dog. 

EsqueletoLocally made jewelry. Designs feel like the 1920's mixed with the authenticity of Oakland. Can't be missed!

Crimson Horitcultural Rarities              

East Bay Depot for Creative ReuseFor all your creative needs. Essentially a used store geared toward makers. Old fabric, trinkets,and magazines.  

Book Shop

Standard & Strange